Powering smarter selling in the field with a sophisticated recommender engine

It’s a solution from the Fractal e-route to market suite. The e-route to market is a suite of solutions to drive both width and depth of sales and effective promotions in modern and traditional trade markets.

The Innovation

To improve field sales enablement, it’s become imperative to transform go-to-market operations. That means digitizing market mapping to create more selling points and digitizing promotions and merchandizing to sell efficiently.

Until now, it has been a challenge to implement scaled recommender system as a field sales enablement system on the market that uses machine learning and integrates easily with OMS/DMS in traditional data dark markets.

Fractal’s Smart Order is here to help. The solution enables smart selling through a sophisticated recommender engine to empower field sales operations to sell more across selling points and channels. We’re helping drive field sales enablement through visibility and personal analyst capabilities.

Value Delivered

Our clients have seen a 5-10% growth, depending on adoption growth rate in base sales after implementing Smart Order and our Field Sales Enablement tool as a part of digitizing their Route to Market.

Key Features

  • Customized recommendations for field sales operations
  • Highly scalable and easy to integrate into existing tech stacks in both traditional and modern retail
  • Visibility solution designed for field sales enablement