Vijay Murugappan

Vice President, Enterprise Analytics and Process Improvement

Shikha Agarwal

Global Head of Product Growth & Analytics, YouTube Marketing

Jennifer Ball

SVP, Global Product
Marketing and Insights

Brandon Purcell

Principal Analyst

Michael Poyser

Chief Analytics Officer

Doug Hillary

Fractal Analytics Strategic
Advisor, former Sr. VP,
Performance Analytics Group


Vice President, Data Solutions

Tom Greene

Former Chief Information & Business Services Officer

Ranjit Jangam

Executive Director, Data Science

Nancy Rogers

Director, North America Strategic Analytics and Shopper Insights

Kalindi Mehta

Director, Consumer & Market Insights – North America

Devendra Pagnis

Director  –  Analytics

Ram Krishnamurthy

Group Director, Corporate Knowledge and Insights

Sanjay Pal

VP of Strategy and Insights

Raj Mukherjee

Director, Analytics and AI

Tamer Soliman

VP Data Analytics

Vikas Choudhury


Steve Martin

Vice President Analytics – EMEA

Mike Poyser

VP Analytics, Canada

Jan-Pieter Lips

President, International

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