How can you measure true satisfaction across the customer journey?

Keeping customers happy means delivering value in every interaction along their journey. There’s a wealth of insight in your existing customer data. Analytics unlocks it to reveal how customers really feel about your brand, which ones aren’t happy, and where you can make a difference.

For example:

Unstructured and big data gets at the root of great experiences. Explain past, present and future interactions using text mining algorithms—on call center notes, complaints, and feedback—to reveal information on customer sentiment and why customers call. Mine structured big data on call ‘root causes’ to fix them where possible, and setup real-time notifications for client-led issues like service going down.

Machine learning reveals which customers are silently dissatisfied. Only about two percent of customers provide net promoter scores (NPSs). Machine learning can look at customers’ NPS scores and identify others like them, revealing how customers feel before they complain and make impactful interventions.