AI Adoption lessons from real life

Great technology that caters to a specific problem boosts AI adoption and expands its use in several ways. This requires a decision-backward approach and framing a definitive problem statement.

Equations that accelerate AI advantage

A sound enterprise AI strategy enables better decisions. While businesses are powering decisions with AI, there are still some challenges in driving AI to its full potential. Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman, Fractal shares three key formulas, to accelerate AI advantage for better results, reduced errors, and increased organizational effectiveness.

How to successfully approach AI adoption

Srikanth Velamakanni unravels Fractal’s user-focussed, decision backward, narrow framing approach to AI implementation. He explains this with examples of how Microsoft Hololens 2, and Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 have turned things around using this exact approach.

Creating the Next Best Experience

The next best experience is the new paradigm shift in analytics. Analyzing and predicting the ideal #NBX in a customer’s brand journey helps businesses gain lifetime value in terms of customer loyalty and retention. It requires a combination of advanced analytics, design, and engineering, everything that Fractal has been delivering to enterprises through digital acceleration.

Success built to last

Watch this interactive session on achieving lasting success through key transformational traits. Mark spoke on the importance of productive paranoia, reinventing with a beginner’s mind, choosing problem-solving overselling, and collaboration.

Team with CIO to fund digital experimentation & transformation

Find valuable insights on how to team up with CIOs to fund digital experimentation and transformation with Ram Charan for businesses looking to sustain themselves in today’s times.

Decision making under uncertainty: Intuition and Leadership

Prof. Gred Gigerenzer, deep-dived on decision making in times of uncertainty, an essential skill today. He shared his perspective on tapping into intuition, applying the simple rules of heuristics to form judgments, and making better decisions.

Accelerating AI Advantage

Find lessons from Fractal’s AI-led pandemic response leading to a formulation of how to drive results at scale. Impeccable engineering to compute real-time data sets, automation, and insightful design are the key factors to push the envelope, and here’s how you do it. Filled with examples from Fractal’s archives, this session captures how AI truly augments decision-making even in the toughest situations.