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Gain the insights that give you a competitive edge.

Leaders in CPG and other industries must make quick, substantive changes in their operations and organizations to realize the business benefits of a high-performing, advanced analytics and AI environment. Fractal’s market leading approach can help you develop and transform Analytics and AI functions to create sustainable growth and a competitive advantage for your organization.

We provide a proven insight, analytics and AI value chain model with Analytics IQ and Analytics Value metrics to benchmark your organization’s decision-making process against best in class companies. We then help you develop a holistic Analytics/AI transformation strategy that includes people, process, technology, and capabilities. We have been entrusted with transforming top Fortune 500 insight and analytic functions, improving decision-making by helping clients do more with less, and getting to decisions faster.

Fractal helps CPG, Pharma and other industries address critical questions about their businesses:

  • How can we act as thought leaders to our stakeholders, providing them with the strategic advice about their internal decision-making processes?
  • How do we leverage new data and analytic capabilities to better understand the consumer and the marketplace to improve decision-making?
  • How do we change the way we deliver our work to become more relevant, increasing the activation rate of our work?
  • How should internal decisions be made in most efficient and effective way to drive a real change in how we do business every day?
  • What should be the most optimum Analytics/AI operating model, organization, processes to enable all enterprise decisions? How we should educate and train internal teams to leverage analytics/AI in their day to day work?

Analytics transformation in action

A global, $50B+ CPG hired Fractal to develop a global analytics strategy and implementation path. Leveraging our proprietary IAVC framework, we benchmarked the company’s capabilities against other leading CPG firms, identifying strengths, gaps, and performance drivers. Combining these results with internal stakeholder requirements, we created a decision-first framework. We anchored the analytic strategy and capability development around improving quality and activation of key, high value-add decisions.