Embracing RAI (1)

Emerging AI technologies hold great potential for improving our lives, but they also bring significant challenges such as biases, privacy issues, and legal implications. It’s crucial to confront these challenges and ask tough questions.

Disrupting disruption: Reinventing Retail in 2023 and Beyond

Unleashing the power of transformation: Dive into the dynamic world of retail, disrupt disruption, and secure long-term growth.

Beyond Everywhere Commerce – to Everywhere, Embedded Commerce

Unveiling the secret to retail success: Discover Everywhere Embedded Commerce, the game-changing approach that revolutionizes shopping experiences.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI): A Catalyst for Transforming Fraud Detection and Prevention

Generative AI disrupts industries, fights fraud, and unlocks business opportunities with accuracy, synthetic data, and behavior analysis. Discover Fractal’s Flyfish.

Gen AI article

Embark on a captivating exploration of generative AI’s metamorphosis of the creative economy, unraveling ChatGPT’s potential, AI’s allure, and usage shortcomings.

The Metaverse: The Next Chapter of the Internet

Delve into the transformative power of the virtual realm, as it reshapes industries and offers limitless business potential. Embrace the metaverse to revolutionize customer engagement, collaboration, and revenue streams.

Ready, Steady, Avatar! Unlock the Power of AI in the Metaverse

Imagine a metaverse, where digital and physical worlds merge, offering social presence, spatial awareness, and economic prospects. How will AI revolutionize its potential?

UN paper image

AI impacts global economy and trade by lifting barriers and stimulating growth, but ethical challenges arise in its use. Data for training AI must be well sourced, designed, managed, and protected.

Navigating the talent landscape of today and tomorrow

Unlock the power of talent: Explore the evolving landscape and challenges of today’s workforce in our whitepaper.

Differential privacy- cover image

Unlock the secret world of data privacy! Discover how the absence of privacy safeguards in machine learning algorithms can expose personal info, while Differential Privacy comes to the rescue, confounding nosy attackers

enterprise adoption of the metaverse page

Explore how enterprise adoption of metaverse technology pivots on implementing adequate and updated security measures, along with distinct hosting options per use cases, as it heads toward shaping the future of the B2B digital world.

Data clean room

In a tech-evolving world, data grows exponentially. Data clean rooms are vital for businesses to safely share valuable assets, ensuring platform security.

Strategizing Data Privacy

Responsible AI has become an increasingly effective way to understand data and keep it secure.
Download our latest whitepaper to learn how it becomes critical to exhibit safety, reliability, transparency, and control.

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How might Consumer Brands future-proof themselves, to not only survive, but thrive in the shifting landscape of consumers, technology, and the industry? Download to go through the findings from our recent Strategic Foresight study.

Strategic Foresight Consumer Brands 2025

The past continues to cause disruption, the present is volatile, and the future is a black box. Check out the tools from our Strategic Foresight study for Consumer Brands 2025, to help you prepare for these emerging uncertainties and opportunities.

Dimension page- 370200 (3)

Consumers can keep track of their personal health on their phone, so they expect the same from their healthcare insurance. Download our latest whitepaper and learn more about digital healthcare.

Dimension page- 370200 (3)

As our connection with technology grows, so does the influence of artificial intelligence on the way we live our lives. Download our latest whitepaper to learn how responsible AI development is led by human-centred design.

AI ethics 2.0

Humans are complex, so artificial intelligence needs to not just think for itself. Download our latest whitepaper and learn more about EthicalAI, and how human-centred design is changing the way we work alongside AI.

Dimension page- 370200 (2)

Learn how underwriting processes are being rewritten within the insurance industry. Download our whitepaper now.

Dimension page- 370200 (1)

Today, danger doesn’t come in the form of swords, arrows or axes, but in the form of attacks that you can’t see. Download our whitepaper and learn more about cyber insurance, the armor that your business needs.

How to make privacy compatible with personalization

Find how delivering a customer experience that is personalized to the selected traits of a customer is respectful of the customer’s right to privacy.

Overcoming non-binary exclusion: Part 1

How are retailers making their experiences more inclusive for non-binary individuals?
See what businesses are doing right, along with the challenges that are yet to be overcome.

Overcoming non-binary exclusion: Part 2

For retail businesses, the question remains, how will you create a space that is welcoming for non-binary individuals?
Discover the keys to a more inclusive retail future.

AI ethics 1.0

How do you implement an AI ethical strategy? What are the guiding principles of responsible AI? Find answers here.

Transforming the Omni- Channel Experience

It’s no longer enough to excel in one particular area; user expectations have evolved to expect a joined-up experience, from search to social media, to apps, to the web.

Route to Market Strategies

The rapid adoption of new technologies during the pandemic has opened up a wealth of avenues for Route to Market (RTM) strategies.

CIO as Driver of Innovation

The growing role of the modern CIO: Building competitive advantage, generating revenue, and compelling leadership to act in the digital era

CIO Decision Framework and Simulator on Capabilities: Buy Vs. Build

It’s time to treat analytics as a revenue center, not a cost center.

DTC to DX: Welcome to the age of relevance

Building experiences and mutually beneficial relationships between brands and its advocates.

COVID-19 Hub

The 360-Degree architecture provides a holistic perspective for operationalizing vaccination.

Reimagining Personalization

Customer Genomics 3.0 reimagines personalization with Emotions and Intelligence @ Speed and Scale.