Keynote – Play to win with AI

This keynote will reveal why AI is not enough for solving problems at scale, and what is needed beyond AI to do it. Learn the new recipe for problem – solving.


Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman, Fractal Analytics

How AI works for you

Learn how AI can automate mundane tasks to free our cognitive capacity and time to think the audacious.


Dipita Chakraborty, Client Partner, Fractal Analytics

Problem solving @ internet scale

It is critical to build a strong engineering capability that can mine big data in real-time, operationalize the solution and implement it at scale. This session will focus on how to build and deliver the essential capabilities (both technical and otherwise) to enable AI and scale algorithms to power decisioning in the enterprise.


David Yeo, Client Partner, Fractal Analytics overview

Organizations today are banking on AI for their toughest business challenges. Be it big or small, every problem has become an AI problem. It is becoming more and more relevant and ubiquitous. Although AI has become an indispensable component of all solutions and problem solving, it is not a self-sufficient component.

The larger the business, the larger are their problems and that too at worldwide complexity and a scale of millions of consumers. AI comes to rescue while solving these problems and delivering higher value, but that alone is not enough. Building pipelines to drive decisions in real-time and solving these problems by making humans behave the way we want to behave have become extremely crucial elements in problem solving.

At, we will discuss the new recipe to solve business problems and exploit new opportunities at scale.

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