Create the optimal vision and plan for identifying and driving new growth at your enterprise

Drive future growth by uncovering new strategic opportunities.

Leaders in all industries must capitalize on intelligent, data and foresight-driven growth strategies in order to succeed in a competitive market. Fractal’s forward-looking approach can help you uncover future growth opportunities, size future demand, and develop optimum growth strategies to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. Our growth foresight analytics (Growth4sight Analytics) have been proven over time to deliver consistently accurate results that help clients realize unparalleled growth opportunities.

Growth4sight Analytics answer critical questions about your business:

  • How will consumer’s needs and behaviors change in future?
  • Where is the market’s future growth and what factors will drive it?
  • What are our strategic opportunities? Where are the biggest pockets of growth?
  • Where will my growth come from if I maintain my current portfolio vs. expand into new areas?
  • Which opportunities should I prioritize? How should we optimally execute against these opportunities?

These insights help you:

  • Predict and “foresight” future growth opportunities
  • Foresight how consumers’ needs, behaviors and trends will change in future
  • Develop the most optimum growth scenarios to meet growth targets with maximum predictability and efficiency
  • Select the optimum execution strategy to maximumly realize these growth opportunities

Growth strategy in action

A global beverage company was looking for a significant increase in growth across 19 countries within the next five years. It wanted to understand where the growth would come from, including new and existing product categories as well as consumer needs. It also wanted to understand—once the growth strategy was defined—how the company should execute to optimally reach that growth.

Together with Fractal, the company developed a foresight-based growth framework to identify future growth opportunities and develop an optimum execution model and provide sustainable support to ensure the growth is realized. The company utilized best-in-class blended analytics-driven consulting to assess trend-based-driven 2020 growth of need states and categories in markets.