Who should you target with your marketing?

Effective personalized marketing means addressing many business questions around touchpoint attribution, such as what channels to adopt, at what point in time, and which prospect to target to maximize ROI. That means translating these questions into analytics objectives addressed through specific analytics approaches:

From the brand-level view:

  • Allocating marketing budgets across touchpoints to maximize ROI means running analytics to attribute KPI success to various touchpoints.
  • Understanding the right number and sequencing of touchpoints means using analytics to see how your propensity for success varies when increasing the number of instances on touch points.

From the customer view:

  • Deciding whether to target a specific customer means using analytics to see if the customer is the right target.
  • Identifying the next best customer action means analyzing the optimal path to success.


Getting there means selecting the best analytical methods to find the answers that drive marketing ROI.