Activate powerful marketing insights

Enable better and faster resource allocation decisions.

In today’s marketing environment, CPG manufacturers are having to manage shifts in consumer behaviors and disruptive forces in digital marketing, e-commerce, and retail. In this zero-based-budgeting environment, driving efficient growth requires data-driven planning and holistic marketing resource allocation across traditional and digital channels.

Our Integrated Marketing Effectiveness solutions take a holistic approach to improving the productivity of CPG companies’ marketing resources, enabling faster decision-making in a dynamic environment.

Analytics answer critical questions for CPGs:

  • How do I drive efficient growth for my brands and portfolio through optimized allocation of marketing resources?
  • How should I invest across countries, accounting for stable demand vs. emerging demand markets?
  • How do I re-optimize my marketing resources to defend against marketplace changes?
  • How do I balance investment across various traditional and digital channels? What is the impact of owned, earned, and paid media?
  • How do various marketing channels interact and reinforce each other? What is the ‘true’ ROI of each channel, after accounting for these interactions?
  • What is the impact of brand equity on baseline sales, and what are the key components of brand equity that most impact sales?
  • What are the creatives and messages that resonate most with the consumer?
  • What are the drivers and marketing response by consumer segment?

These insights help you gain:

  • A holistic view of brand and portfolio drivers across traditional and digital channels
  • Powerful insights and activation, not just data
  • ‘True’ ROI calibration that takes into account the effects of interactions
  • Deeper understanding of baseline utilizing brand equity, macro, and uncontrollable factors
  • Customized, ‘open-box’ models to fit business issues
  • Faster analytics to enable speed-to-activation
  • AI-enabled data platform to easily accept and digest data from various sources and formats
  • ‘Always On’ platform to keep the models ‘live’ and activated with the latest data—so that business planning can be done in real-time
  • Easy-to-use simulation and optimization tools
  • Deeper dives into message optimization
  • The ability to go deeper with consumer segments

Integrated Marketing Effectiveness in action

A leading specialty goods company wanted to understand the productivity and ROI of marketing channels in order to continue growing and overcome industry headwinds. The company had fragmented data across multiple platforms and wanted to have a comprehensive view of both online and offline channels for their flagship brands. An additional complication was the high seasonality of the category, with majority of sales occurring during the holiday season.

To solve the company’s challenges, we built an analytics-ready data platform by collecting data from multiple sources and formats, enabling ongoing modelling and business understanding. We overcame challenges in data quality and frequency to build robust marketing mix models to understand the drivers of the brands’ and portfolio sales, and deliver optimal spend recommendations. Our analysis helped build a business case for continuing well-performing channels while divesting low performing areas—thus unlocking funds to drive growth. We developed strategies on how to optimize spends during the holiday season, and the right mix of messages for the best performance. We delivered continuous insights and optimization through the deployment of simulation and optimization tools, and with the help of our continuous modelling platform.

As a result of the engagement, the company gained:

  • Robust analytical models and simulation tools that helped add rigor to the company’s business planning and marketing resource allocation processes.
  • Data integration from various sources that aided in a unified view of their business, serving as a foundational platform for analytics.
  • Media spend recommendations (developed across all channels) that resulted in increased ROI for its flagship brand.