A small yet hearty contribution towards a Swachh Bharat

Fractal’s Mumbai office volunteers helped clean the neighborhood alongside the MCGM sanitation team.

Sagar Shah

Principal Consultant, Fractal Analytics

(Machine) Learning to Make Great Decisions

In this session, we will share Fractal’s vision on the next wave of Analytics innovation in the area of Machine and Deep Learning that is now driving the analytics mandate to power every human decision in the enterprise.


Srikanth Velamakanni

Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman – Fractal Analytics

Our continuing contribution to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Fractal’s Mumbai volunteers turned painters to spread awareness on keeping the city clean and green.

The Akanksha Foundation_Shaybaz
Travelling back in time with Fractal’s Super Seniors – August 15, 1947

Fractal’s very own super seniors share their memories of Independence Day, over 70 years ago!

Analysts to Algorithms

In this session, we will discuss the need for prescriptive insights delivered at optimal times versus static reporting to support the rhythm of the business. We will explore the types of business problems and use cases that lend themselves to this emerging model for delivering actionable insights, including how we can leverage people, processes, data and tools to enable our organizations to drive faster, smarter and more actionable decision support.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which types of problems (and for which users) should we look to solve proactively versus looking at data to solve a particular problem
  • What types of decisions should we enable for “just-in-time” versus part of the rhythm of the business?
  • What processes, data, capabilities and delivery tools are required to drive the real time consumption and application of prescriptive insights (e.g., email, calendar alerts, SMS reminders, mobile notifications, in-application pop-ups)?


David Dittmann

Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics – Procter & Gamble

John LaRocca

Practice Head & Client Relationship Leader – Fractal Analytics

Putting the Customer in the Center

This workshop will review organizational imperatives to drive transformation towards putting the customer in the center, and implications on their analytics roadmap. We will explore how to identify critical organizational, functional, data and capability priorities to set and address broader customer goals. We will explore different dimensions of putting the customer in the center using use cases.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to approach customer-centricity for people, process, and technologies that crosses functional roles
  • Learn how to apply customer-centricity from different industry examples
  • Work through examples that address organizational alignment, goal setting, training, product definition, insights and data, and voice of the customer


Sanjay Pal

Vice President, Strategy and Insights – Burlington Stores

Arpan Dasgupta

Vice President, Global Consulting – Fractal Analytics

Making Analytics More Strategic and Transformational - from the C-Suite - fold 3 CAB 2015

This workshop will frame ways to increase senior leadership engagement and action based on research and analytics thus making analytics more strategic and transformational. Our belief is that it is easier to institutionalize analytics when it is driven from C-level.

We will explore the strategic role and agenda for analytics to transform business along 5 dimensions:
1. data, 2. real-time decisions, 3. sophistication, 4. institutionalization, and 5. disruption.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why is strategic senior level engagement necessary for success of analytics
  • How much of this is a design issue or an execution issue
  • Explore levers of influence, dimensions that are critical and tactics that would deliver the transformation analytics promises to bring about
  • Learn best practices from various industries and lessons from best in class organizations on making analytics top driven


Reed Cundiff

General Manager Customer & Market Research – Microsoft

Saurabh Mittal

Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Partnerships – Fractal Analytics

About CAB 2015

Fractal hosted the 3rd Annual Client Advisory Board event on September 9-10 in Chicago at the W Lakeshore Hotel. This was a private, invitation-only event comprising analytics-focused executives among select Fractal strategic clients. The CAB is designed to share insights and learning between Members and Fractal to facilitate our clients in getting Analytics a seat at the C-suite table and drive enterprise-wide adoption of analytics. The end goal of our collective mission is to leverage data, analytics and technology to drive stronger customer loyalty and business performance within the Fortune 500 clients we serve.

“I want to call out how unique this event is. A lot of us get to go to best practices groups, a lot of us get to go to supplier summits, a lot of us get to provide feedback at a kind of an advisory board. Being able to do all three intermixed in a way that I think provides value in 360 degrees is really unusual.” “I think the way this event is run, the content that you have is a clear reflection of your culture and a company that is both getting to know itself and clear about what it stands for. And being able to have this level of transparent conversation with this volume of employees present, I would argue is also particularly unique and I consider particularly positive.” Reed Cundiff General Manager, Customer and Market Research Microsoft.

Influencing C-suite to advance analytics adoption

Kamran Ashraf discusses how to forward the analytics agenda by engaging the CEO as a customer

The Physics of Marketing Analytics

Suresh Pillai shares how deep learning could drive the next wave of innovation in marketing analytics

Dr. Li Deng on the future of AI

Dr. Li Deng shares his views on getting started with AI and deep learning and the next frontiers

(Machine) Learning to make great decisions

Learn how machine learning innovations are driving the analytics mandate to power enterprise decisions

AI landscape: techniques, benefits and impacts

We will review the types and benefits of AI in machine learning and deep learning. How do they work and what can they do differently from traditional analytics or automation techniques?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how deep learning differs from machine learning and other forms of AI
  • Understand the difference between supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning
  • Learn about the key drivers in recent breakthroughs that has opened new doors to advanced AI deep learning applications


Prashant Warier

Chief Data Scientist – Fractal Analytics

Nudging and Beyond: From Behavioral Economics to Public Policy

In recent years, social scientists have been incorporating surprising empirical findings about human behavior into economic models. These findings offer important insights for thinking about what both the private and public sectors can do in order to be more effective. They also offer valuable suggestions about the appropriate design of effective, low-cost, choice-preserving approaches, including disclosure requirements, default rules, and simplification. A general lesson is that small, inexpensive initiatives can have large and highly beneficial effects. In the United States, many recent practices and reforms reflect an appreciation of this lesson.


Cass Sunstein

Renowned author, Harvard Law Professor and behavioral economist


How AI is Changing the Future

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are quickly emerging as the next ‘must have’ capabilities required to build and drive adoption of data-driven decisions. We will discuss the latest trends in AI and how they are changing the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how AI and deep learning has already changed how we can recognize speech and images as well as play human games
  • Understand the new frontiers of deep learning under development to shape transportation, human-machine communication, healthcare, and video translation
  • Become familiar with the uses of deep learning approaches: image recognition, deep reinforcement learning, and deep unsupervised learning


Li Deng

Chief Scientist of AI – Microsoft

Powering every human decision in the enterprise

Fractal hosted our 4th annual Client Advisory Board event on September 28-29 in Chicago at the Swissotel Chicago. This private, invitation-only event comprised senior executive analytics thought leaders among Fractal’s strategic clients, representing some of the world’s most valued brands representing, in aggregate, over $600 billion of annual revenue.

The CAB was designed as a cross-industry and cross-functional learning forum to share insights and learning between Client Advisory Board Members and Fractal to facilitate enhanced data-driven decisions and enterprise-wide adoption of analytics. The event also served to help Fractal become an even better strategic partner toward achieving our mission to power every human decision in the enterprise among the Fortune 500 clients we serve.

The event content was comprised of keynotes, a panel and workshops with the following themes:

  • Shared key trends in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) and how these approaches are transforming our world
  • Revealed new applications of Deep Learning (form of AI) among Member industries to shift from gut decisions to algorithms that drive faster, more accurate, and more effective decisions
  • Share their views on the key drivers of analytics success within Member enterprises including: how to organize and which people are needed, the importance of data acquisition, influencing the C-Suite to drive the analytics mandate, and influencing business users to adopt analytics, by considering:
  • Members shared case studies on successful analytics implementations and lessons learned
  • Discussed the key considerations in building an analytics roadmap and adoption plan
Empowering women to be financially independent
  • At Fractal, we believe that all children have a right to high quality basic education. That this access to education is among the important first steps towards breaking out of inter-generational poverty. We seek to help disadvantaged children resident in the urban slums of Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurugram by supporting our carefully chosen CSR partners. We contribute financial aid, volunteering hours and organizational best practices to our CSR partners. The Fractal CSR team maintains proximity to our CSR projects and facilitates collaboration between volunteer teams and Fractal’s CSR partners to enhance desired outcomes.
  • Along with our partners, we address some of the key barriers to delivering quality education – by funding schools located near or within the communities where school age children are resident, better equipping classrooms with learning aids, sponsorship of well-trained and committed teaching staff and by designing volunteering opportunities that provide high quality beyond community exposure to students of our partner schools.
Al Amador

Andy Walter is a business results-driven professional with extensive experience in strategy, development, execution, and operations across Shared Services and IT. He led the Commercial Services & Delivery Organization (over 1500 IT and multifunctional professionals) for Procter & Gamble’s Global Business Services (GBS). He was responsible for IT & Shared Services for all Global Business Units and Markets around the world. His team was accountable for developing cutting-edge digital capabilities for Procter & Gamble to win “where it matters most,” with Consumers, Shoppers, and Retailers. This included all eBusiness, Consumer Services, BI/Analytics, Sales Force Solutions, Project Delivery, Business Process Services, and A&D / Company restructuring efforts. He has over 15 years working on Boards and in Board level advisory roles.

Fractal CAB 2017 - Humanizing AI - Srikanth Velamakanni

Srikanth discusses how AI is becoming more accessible and usable to drive competitive advantage

Non-conscious design for behavior change

Learn how non-conscious processes influence buyer emotions & behaviors and how you can design interventions

AI Disruption Roadmap

Learn how to develop and operationalize AI algorithms within the enterprise to drive competitive advantage

Al Amador

Ed has a long work history in the Property-Casualty insurance industry. At Progressive Insurance he served as a Division President and Director of Product Development. Under his leadership the product development function introduced a host of product and underwriting innovations that have played a vital role in the company’s dynamic growth. As a Senior Vice President at 21st Century Insurance he led the Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Actuarial functions for this direct distribution company. Ed is still active in the business. He provides consulting support in analytics and product design for two Personal Lines insurance start-ups. He teaches at Santa Monica College. He holds the CPCU and ARM designations. He has served on the Boards of industry organizations including the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. 

KS Viswanathan

KSV is a seasoned technology leader with over 40 years of experience across the Indian and Global Tech landscape. He brings a unique blend of strategic vision and operational excellence, having played a pivotal role in shaping the Indian technology sector. His expertise spans across Technology & Services domains, with a deep understanding of the Indian tech market, Global Capability Centres (GCCs) built around, Engineering & Design, Business Process Management, and the Startup & Innovation ecosystem.

He has deep engagement with Corporate India and the Government of India/ State governments in shaping their digital agenda as well. KSV has been instrumental in influencing, incubating, evangelizing, scaling, and nurturing the GCC and Startup & Innovation ecosystem in India.

KSV’s experience, expertise, and leadership qualities make him a valuable advisor. He is a trusted guide for companies seeking to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape and to unlock strategic opportunities.

Key Highlights
• GCC & Startup Ecosystem Champion: KSV has played a pivotal role in shaping the Indian technology and GCC industry for over four decades. GCCs have grown two times in the last 10 years in terms of exports revenue growth and size in India. India is now home to 45% of the Global enterprises with GCC model from India. KSV was instrumental in 15% CAGR growth in sponsorship amount from member companies for participating in nasscom programs.
• Building Trusted Networks: He has cultivated robust relationships with senior industry leaders, government officials, and other state and national trade bodies throughout his career.
• Strategic Leadership: Proven record of leading strategic initiatives, managing P&L and business development in technology companies like Wipro and Dell. Revenue grew up by 20% CAGR during 2003-2008 period and Profits grew by 6% CAGR in the same period. Set up the 100-member initial team in Dell for business model growth.
• Digital Transformation Expert: KSV possesses experience in guiding companies on their digital transformation journeys, fostering engineering and innovation design capabilities. KSV has been instrumental in shaping thoughts of several Fortune 500, Global 2000 enterprises to finalize their GCC and Industry segment specific strategy.
• Non-Profit & Public Service: Experience in contributing to industry initiatives through NASSCOM, Azim Premji Foundation, and Government bodies.

• Vice President, Industry Initiatives, NASSCOM: Has guided over 250 international organizations to build digital transformation strategies including assisting with India GCC strategies.
• Previous Roles: • Wipro: Chief Executive, Wipro Infotech focused on growth, PNL Management, Strategic Sales Management & Business Development, driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction.
• Dell India: As a Managing Director, played a key role in establishing the company’s direct business model in India. • Azim Premji Foundation: Head, New Initiatives to establish foundation’s University ambitions.

Beyond Industry Leadership
• KSV actively contributes to the broader technology landscape through his roles in: • Governing Body Member: Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Bengaluru
• Governing Council Member : CoE for Cyber Security and CoE for Design program of Government of Karnataka in association with IISc, Bangalore
• Past Adjunct Professor: BITS, Pilani
• Project Approval Committee Member: Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India and Government of Karnataka • Vision Group Member: IT for Department of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka

KSV is a prolific public speaker, and media evangelist on India growth stories as well as advocating for digital excellence and the growth of the GCC ecosystem and on leadership matters.

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