COVID adjusted demand forecasting
  • Weekly forecast by SKU, customer, channel, region at scale
  • Estimate impact of COVID-19 on projected base and incremental sales
  • Short, mid term and long term scenarios
Efficient product supply
  • Safety stock: Recommend right days of supply on focus SKUs
  • Ship on workbench: Risk mitigation for outbound shipping during COVID-19
  • Donate/Destroy/Trigger promo optimization for near end life products
Operating intelligence and BCP during COVID
  • Epidemiological models to identify risk of infection to frontline staff
  • Real time monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance of plant and machinery
Financial forecasting
  • Working capital & cash flow projections
  • Available investment for SKU support
  • Instrument valuation and hedging
Revenue management
  • Migration to large and base packs
  • Channel migration to e-commerce and mass channels
  • Promos for “End of Life” products
Integrated business performance from the home office
  • Self-serve and find gap resolutions
  • Communicate decisions uniformly
COVID adjusted Category and portfolio planning
  • Demand assessment at each phase of the pandemic
  • Post COVID-19 demand drivers
Integrated Route-to-Market Platform
  • Where to sell
  • What to Sell
  • How much to Sell
  • How to serve
  • Gain share of wallet