Patient Jarvis Webpage Elevator Pitch Transforming Pharma Decision-making with Patient Jarvis

As the collection of claims data grows exponentially, patient analytics has emerged the focal point of commercial analytics in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Claims data offers granular insights into patient behavior, physician characteristics, and market trends for Pharma companies. However, its complexity and higher time to insight hinder quick decision-making.

Patient Jarvis, combining innovative technology and extensive understanding of pharma knowledge, not only speeds up insights but also provides advanced AI support, empowering swift decision-making.

Patient Jarvis extends time for advanced analytics and enhances decision-making with a versatile range of value propositions:

  • Whitebox solution

Transform your system with our seamless white-box solution, seamlessly integrated to become your proprietary masterpiece.

  • Standardized claims data
    • Experience 40% to 60% boost in bandwidth alongside unparalleled code reusability, all tailored to perfection.
    • Lesser L&D time across teams as single training will suffice for claims data.
  • Automated DE pipeline
  • Empower your process with our end-to-end automated pipeline, orchestrating data seamlessly from ingestion to consumption, maximizing speed and quality at every turn.
  • JarviSQL
  • JarviSQL empowers various teams in your pharmaceutical company by expediting ad-hoc analyses through efficient SQL coding, leveraging generative AI-driven capabilities.
  • Efficient KPI tracking
  • Customizable DQ report for all the claims data in clients’ environment.
  • Quicker Time to Insight with KPI dashboards covering E2E patient journey reducing redundant KPIs by 25% – 30%.
  • SQL workbench
    • SQL workbench will enable the strategy & insights team to do firsthand deep dives.

Patient Jarvis is precision-engineered to tackle the unique challenges faced by different roles within pharmaceutical companies. With a steadfast commitment to streamlining patient analytics for all, it empowers better decision-making across the industry.