Route to Market

One of the perennial questions which Sales team across CPGs are trying to solve is How to ensure that their products are at the right place and for the right value? How to ensure the execution at the store happens? AI helps in bringing the right product to the right store. A single scalable platform that connects CPG enterprises to the shopper through AI and problem-solving capabilities ending the manual and disconnected decision-based business.

Our Route-to-market (RTM) journey is broken into five sections:

  • Where to sell: Identify the areas where CPGs need to increase their reach and enhance focus. AI helps in answering finding the right place.
  • What to sell: How to get the right product to the store? Using AI, localize the assortment at the store level. Answers the question of the right product at the right place.
  • How much to sell: Identifying the products to sell and how much to sell with AI-based algorithms, avoiding OOS issue at store.
  • How to Serve: How to effectively use the sales force? How to improve the productivity of the sales force? AI-based assistant for the sales force with scheduler and dynamic routing capabilities. The fully automated solution helps in planning the route for a sales representative and manages the daily schedule, right from store visit to activities that need attention. Ensuring the sales force does what they do best – ‘Selling’
  • Gain share of wallet: Real-time collaboration to know and understand the shopper better, is the key to win their wallet. Using behavioral science and image analytics we gather insights on the shopper and their behavior at the shelf, promoting short term lift along with a long-term strategy of selling in-store.