Cloud engineering
  • AWS, Azure and GCP engineering for end to end applications
  • Spark/ Scala analytics workloads
  • Microservice architectures
  • IoT/stream analytics
Ai engineering and mlops
  • Scalable architectures using DevOps and MLOps
  • Model registry and ML CI/CD pipelines on Cloud
  • AI/ML platforms for Data Science
Digital analytics and data platform
  • E-commerce
  • Web analytics
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Ad platform technologies
Data lakes and data platform
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Data warehouse and Data marts design
  • Data and platform governance
  • Database migration to the cloud
  • ITIL/ITSM services for data platforms
Full stack engineering
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Automated reporting solutions
  • Complete web & mobile applications development
  • App modernization & migration to Cloud
Enterprise analytics
  • ITIL based Support Desk for analytics infrastructure management and monitoring