Fuel more revenue by finding new opportunities

Deploy data-driven revenue growth and management capabilities.

With many categories and markets reaching saturation points, revenue growth is becoming increasingly challenging to find. In this new reality, demand is no longer growing by leaps and bounds, so CPG firms need to shift their growth strategies from relying on a few large opportunities to finding and tapping multiple smaller pockets of growth across products and accounts.

Our integrated Revenue Management solutions help CPG clients to do just that: quickly and efficiently examine multiple execution levers to identify growth and profitability opportunities from product portfolio, pricing, and promotion strategies.

We help CPGs address critical business questions:

  • Where are pricing opportunities across my brands, SKUs, and accounts?
  • Where am I spending too much on promotions, discounting too deeply or too often?
  • Are there any opportunities to improve my price and size architecture?
  • Can I improve profitability through better assortment and more optimal use of shelf space?
  • What actions should we take to capture identified value?

Our Revenue Management solutions help CPGs realize key benefits:

  • An integrated view combining multiple data sources
  • Highly visual and intuitive interfaces
  • A quick, efficient, and granular approach that delivers results faster, at an actionable level, and on regular basis
  • Different solution tiers to address markets and categories of varying size and complexity
  • Ongoing support

Revenue Management in action

A global personal-care company was looking for a standardized RGM solution to cover most of their markets and categories. Its challenges included a lack of integrated and accessible data, a lack of uniformity in how markets viewed RM, and different levels of market sophistication.

Fractal’s solution addressed these challenges through offering a standardized analytical framework, identifying and connecting key data sources to enable quick updates. Together, we delivered analysis through standardized and easy to understand visual stories. A tiered approach was used, with initially a ‘light’ version for smaller markets and a ‘full’ version for larger markets.