Treasury and Risk Management

Fractal’s Finance Analytics leverages sensitivity/scenario analysis and data science to help businesses make effective decisions even with uncertain internal and external environments, making treasury and risk management more future-oriented. These future-focused views across multiple time horizons help organizations prepare better to manage any downside risk and hedge accordingly.

Below are our offering in this section:

  • Fraud Detection – Identifying and preventing false pretenses through real-time tracking of financial transactions, systems, and practices.
  • Financial Auditing – Assuring & maintaining ‘stakeholders’ confidence about the authenticity of financial systems, processes, and reports.
  • Risk analytics – Utilizing real-time information & cutting-edge technologies to measure and manage financial risk across key parameters.
  • Forex Analysis – Predictive analytics and early warning systems to assist businesses to anticipate and prepare for market movements and trends.
  • Cash Flow Management – Reports to spot trends, prepare for the future and tackle any organization’s cash flow problems.